As GLOBSEC celebrates its 10th edition in June, Bratisl...

| 25. Mar 2015
GLOBSEC will celebrate a decade since its establishment. Some 800 people from more than 70 countries, including heads of state, government and international organisations will gather in Bratislava from 19-21 June 2015 to discuss urgent international issues such as the Ukraine crisis, ISIL and the future of the EU and NATO.


After months of preparations, we move to another stage.Mark 19 – 21 June in your calendars and get ready for a brand new double-digit edition of GLOBSEC.
Central and East European regional dependence on resources imported from unstable regions, cyber threats, EU’s emphasis on green energy projects and further regulation leading to deformed prices - all that was part of what Mirek Topolánek, former Czech prime minister addressed, during his March 10 visit in Bratislava-based think-tank CEPI and its sister organization SAC.


  • Château Béla 2014 Central European Strategic Forum Summary and Recommendations

    17. Dec 2014

    Between 5 and 7 December, government representatives, thinkers, political and business leaders from Central Europe and beyond met in Belá, Slovakia, at the Château Béla 2014 Central European Strategic Forum to discuss the region’s role in European and transatlantic affairs and issues that are currently of fundamental interest to the region. Questions that were put on the table helped create deep, open, sometimes emotional discussions.

  • GLOBSEC Policy Brief: Changing Frontiers

    15. Jul 2014

    GLOBSEC Policy Briefs reflects and builds up on issues raised at the annual GLOBSEC Bratislava Global Policy Forum – emphasising original ideas and concrete policy recommendations. With the aim of providing critical assessment, GLOBSEC Policy Briefs discuss matters of foreign policy and security pertinent to Central Europe as well as the larger transatlantic community.


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